Website Exception Management

Project Overview

Administrators of Websense’s Web Security solution have to manage user access to web sites through groups of sites organized in different categories. While easy to manage at a higher level, many admins had problems managing individual sites and had to hack the interface to do this (it took up to 27 steps to do this task). To solve this problem, Websense UX proposed and drove the implementation of a website exception management interface to allow security administrators to manage access to individual websites for end users in a simple, direct way.


  • Periodically collected customer research through interviews and site visits
  • Organized the research into prioritized use cases
  • Worked with developers to understand how this exception system would co-exist with the Web Security category management paradigm
  • Diagrammed the user workflow
  • Generated mockups and wireframes to illustrate the user experience
  • Reviewed the final implementation with development to ensure quality