Mobile Security iOS App

Project Overview

Built an iOS app for both iPhone and iPad form factors to support the deployment and enforcement of enterprise-level organizational security policies on mobile devices. When I was brought onto the project, there was an engineering-defined feature set, limited in scope and vision, with little opportunities for research. My challenge was to advocate for a final product that would be easy for everyday people to deploy and install, with a more consumer-friendly experience for the end users consuming the app. 


  • Lead on a UX team of several interaction & visual designers
  • Conducted internal interviews to discover personas and project how users could use the app
  • Proposed and presented app features to our development group, integrating value-adding content from other groups in the company
  • Set the scope of work for the UX team and determined project schedule with project management
  • Generated high level use cases and workflow, which guided the creation of the information architecture 
  • Led team in design ideation and prototyping activities
  • Coordinated with an external graphics agency and two internal graphics designers to iteratively build a consumer-friendly look and feel