Real Time Traffic Monitoring

Project Overview

Websense had a Real Time Monitoring tool (reporting on web traffic as it happened) before the product was rebuilt in a web client. Over time, there were issues with not rebuilding the client, as customers would not upgrade to newer versions or consider switching from other solutions due to lacking this functionality. Websense UX conducted customer research over several months and built a case to re-introduce this feature into the Web Security product. Our goal was to streamline our previous version of the product and optimize the design around the most used features.


  • Conducted and synthesized customer research to determine the primary use cases
  • Worked with Product Management and Engineering to align the design objectives to the business requirements
  • Mapped the possible user interaction points into a workflow
  • Coordinated with a development team to ideate design concepts into a workable tool
  • Created wireframes and interactive prototypes to illustrate the user experience
  • Reviewed the final implementation to ensure quality